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Agreements with foreign partners

List of countries

The Number of institutions column tells how many institutions we have concluded an agreement with. Click on the Choose column to see the institutions in each country.

Agreement: Erasmus

CountryNumber of agreementsNumber of institutionsNumber of studentsChoose
Azerbaijani Republic220
Czech Republic8738
Federal Republic of Germany5410
Federative Republic of Brazil220
French Republic868
Hellenic Republic222
Italian Republic758
Kingdom of Belgium225
Kingdom of Spain161021
People's Republic of China110
Republic of Austria116
Republic of Bulgaria110
Republic of Estonia113
Republic of Finland5414
Republic of Iceland111
Republic of Indonesia410
Republic of Latvia436
Republic of Lithuania113
Republic of Malta210
Republic of Portugal5327
Republic of Slovenia538
Republic of Turkey6317
State of Israel110
Swiss Confederation114
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland116