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Course syllabus MPSY2009 - Human Resource Management Psychology (FPS - SS 2019/2020)

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Pan-european University
Faculty of Psychology
Course unit code:
Course unit title:
Human Resource Management Psychology
Planned learning activities and teaching methods:
lecture2 hours weekly / 24 hours per semester of study (on-site method)
1 hour weekly / 12 hours per semester of study (on-site method)

Credits allocated:
Recommended semester/trimester:
Level of study: 2.
Prerequisites for registration: none
Assessment methods:
The subject is finished by an exam. The student will be continuously evaluated by a seminar work in the form of a project and a discussion on the seminar (60 points in total). The final evaluation will take the form of a written test (40 points).
The points obtained from the mid-term evaluation are added to the final evaluation of the subject in the following grades:
A = 94-100 points = 1
B = 86-93 points = 1.5
C = 76-85 points = 2
D = 66-75 points = 2.5
E = 56-65 points = 3
FX = 0 - 55 points = 4
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
The student will learn the basic concepts of modern human resource management and psychological research in this area. Students will be able to process a project on a selected topic of human resources management according to the syllabus.
Course contents:
1. Developing of employee engagement
2. Ethical management of human resources
3. Individual approach of positive psychology at work
4. Organizational approaches of positive psychology at work
5. International Approaches positive psychology at work
6. Psychodiagnostics in selection
7. Personnel controlling and reporting
8. Performance Management
9. Talent management
10. Competencies of HR managers
Recommended or required reading:
STEGER, M F. -- DELLE FAVE, A. -- OADES, L G. The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of The Psychology of Positivity and Strenghs-Based Approaches at Work. Hoboken: Wiley, 2017.
PULAKOS, E D. -- GOLDSTEIN, H W. -- PASSMORE, J. The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of The Psychology of Recruitment, Selection and Employee Retention. Hoboken: Wiley, 2017.
ČOPÍKOVÁ, A. -- HORVÁTHOVÁ, P. -- BLÁHA, J. Řízení lidských zdrojů: Nové trendy. Praha: MP, 2016.
TAYLOR, S. -- ARMSTRONG, M. Řízení lidských zdrojů: Moderní pojetí a postupy. Praha: Grada, 2015.

Language of instruction: Slovak
Courses evaluation:
Assessed students in total: 32

50,0 %3,1 %
0 %
3,1 %
43,8 %
0 %
Name of lecturer(s):
PhDr. Mojmír Kališ, PhD. (examiner, instructor, lecturer)
doc. Mgr. Elena Lisá, PhD. (instructor, lecturer)
prof. PhDr. Marína Mikulajová, CSc. (person responsible for course)
Last modification:
11. 11. 2019
prof. PhDr. Marína Mikulajová, CSc.

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