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Course syllabus MIAX10014 - Discrete and Applied Mathematics (FI - SS 2019/2020)

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Pan-european University
Faculty: Faculty of Informatics
Course unit code:
Course unit title: Discrete and Applied Mathematics
Planned learning activities and teaching methods:
2 hours weekly / 24 hours per semester of study (on-site method)

Credits allocated:
Recommended semester/trimester:
1. semester
Level of study: 2.
Prerequisites for registration:
Assessment methods:
Student can obtain 30 points during the semester for activity, homework and control tests and 70 points for the exam. The grade A is obtained for 94-100 points, B for 86-93 points, C for 76-85 points, D for 66-75 points, E for 56-65 points and FX for 0-55 points.
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
The aim of the course is to familiarize students with advanced mathematical methods that are essential for solving problems in applied computer science
Course contents:
1) Algorithms
2) Growth of functions and algorithm complexity
3) Description of algorithms in pseudocode
4) Recursive algorithms
5) Theory of numbers and its applications in cryptography
6) Euclid algorithm and modular aritmetics
7) Congruences
8) RSA method in cryptography
9) Practical applications algorithms on graphs (euler and hamiltonian paths)
10) Practical applications of shortest path algorithm
11) Minimal spanning tree
12) Recurrent relations
Recommended or required reading:
V. Palko: Diskrétna matematika pre informatikov, Bratislava 2017. (kap. 4,5,6,7)

Language of instruction:
Slovak, English
Courses evaluation:
Assessed students in total: 131

13,0 %
17,6 %
32,1 %
13,0 %18,3 %6,0 %
Name of lecturer(s):
doc. RNDr. Vladimír Palko, CSc. (examiner, instructor, lecturer, person responsible for course)
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