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Ústav mediálnej tvorby (FM) - list of supervised courses

Currently running courses

The following list contains the courses currently running. Period: SS 2019/2020 - FM.

Course titleStudy period
Course supervisor
SS 2019/2020 - FM
BMMD20231SS 2019/2020 - FM
SS 2019/2020 - FM
BMMM10029SS 2019/2020 - FM
Multimedia Practicum II
SS 2019/2020 - FM
Multimedia Practicum IV
SS 2019/2020 - FM
doc. PhDr. Martin Kasarda, Dr.
SS 2019/2020 - FM
SS 2019/2020 - FM
doc. PhDr. Zora Hudíková, PhD.

The information sheets of the supervised courses can be printed in the form of a brochure. Click on the Print brochure button to print the brochure.