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Bakalárska práca
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The Islamic and International Human Rights Law Perspectives of Wearing a Headscarf in Europe
Stav témy:
schválené (JUDr. Andrej Karpat, PhD. - vedúci pracoviska)
Vedúci práce:
Fakulta práva
Garantujúce pracovisko:
Ústav medzinárodného a európskeho práva - FP
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Akademický rok:
Europe is home to an estimated of around 7% Muslims of its population. Being the second largest religious group afterChristianity, Muslims play a decisive role in shaping the colourful spectrum of Europe's so-called western society. Such a spectrum has contributed to debates on multiculturalism in Europe, particularly in the human rights issue of freedom of religion. While the existence of Islam has long been recognized by the constitutions of major European countries, the extent to which such religion could be practised is still debatable. The most notable issue is the wearing of religious dress, particularly the Islamic headscarf, in schools and public premises which was banned by some European countries. The Islamic headscarf debate has left major European countries in dilemma on whether to recognize it as a manifestation of freedom of religion or a merely religious symbol that neither required by religion nor does it compatible with the democratic society in Europe.

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